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China overrules Japan firms' trademark registration on four Chinese classical novels

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"Sino-Japan trademark chase of four Chinese classical novels will be long-lasting." Liao Junming, an expert of China Intellectual Property Society, predicted, who has been engaging in this dispute for more than two years.

In March of 2006, Liao Junming accepted the trust of a Guangdong firm and filed disapproval to Japanese game companies' trademarks on four Chinese classical novels which had passed the first trial of Japanese trademark administration organ.

Going back to recent days, Liao was learnt from the Trademark Office and the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board under State Administration for Industry and Commerce that, three Japan enterprises have submitted bill of defense against the complaint lodged by Liao.

"The action of Japanese counterparts fully proves that the encounter of trademarks of four Chinese classical novels officially starts up. And the trademark chase will not end soon after." Liao expressed.

He added, if Japan enterprises successfully cybersquat the trademarks and a series of marks relating to trademarks of four classical novels, domestic animation sector will confront lawsuits filed by Japan enterprises when China develops own network games about four classical novels in the future, based on WTO rules.
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