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China: 10 Major Typical Cases of IP Judicial Protection in 2016

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In 2016, the Beijing three classes court totally heard IP issues of 22,890 pieces (civil cases 16,798, administrative cases 6,092) in the first instance, in the second instance, totally 4,116 (1,072 civil cases and 3,044 administrative cases), reaching a new history high of receiving and settling cases amount.

Typical cases are as follows:

Case 1: Administrative dispute over invalid invention patent on “compound or salt with nucleotide analogue and synthetic method”.

Case 2: Administrative dispute over PCT invalid invention patent on “to improve switchover methods in fengwo mobile wireless system”.

Case 3: Administrative review over “we chat” trademark case.

Case 4: Administrative dispute over trademark “Shang Zhuan Ji Tu”.

Case 5: Dispute over patent infringement of Panasonic “cosmetic machine” appearance.

Case 6: Dispute over unfair competition of “momo”, by illegally grabbing weibo users’ information.

Case 7: Case of “The Voice of China” preliminary injunction.

Case 8: Dispute over adaptation right of Wen Ruian Kung fu novels and unfair competition.

Case 9: Case over music copyright of the 86 version Journey to the West.

Case 10: Case on counterfeit registered trademark goods sold by Zong fang and etc.