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Forum of Copyright and Cultural Industry Development held

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Recently, the Forum of Copyright and Cultural Industry Development was convened in Shenzhen, which was hosted by Shenzhen Municipal Intellectual Property Office and organized by Shenzhen Copyright Association.

Experts from Association of Copyright for Computer Software, Music Copyright Society of China, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited, etc. were invited to deliver keynote speeches, the topics covering "Problems relating to the creation and commercialization of animation works", "New characteristics and development trend of network circulation", "The status and experience of copyright trade and economic development of Japan", "Copyright collective management and the development of industry", and so on.

Participants conducted a discussion on difficult issues and relevant solutions in copyright trade and cultural industries, and studied the mode of development of copyright trade, the core role of copyright protection and improvement of copyright protection measures in copyright trade and the influence of the development of the entire cultural content and dissemination industry. [Chinese version is available on SIPO.gov.cn]
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