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China's IP in foreign eyes

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China is keen to develop a successful commercial aircraft to prove it can match the United States and Europe. State-owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has completed the basic assembly of its medium-range C919 large passenger aircraft and is expected to launch test flights this year. Airbus has forecast China’s domestic aviation market to become the world’s biggest in the next decade. (China to launch test flights for C919 plane this year,by Reuters) 


The capability of researching and developing large civil aircrafts is an important element to measure the level of industrialization of a country. The Chinese dream of large civil aircrafts is not only conducive to the whole industry chain of aircraft R&D and related companies, but to more industries development of China.

Most people in the U.S. have never heard of Xiaomi. A lot of their success in China is because they have very tightly integrated and localized features in their operating system.Now the Beijing-based company wants people in the U.S. to know all about its tablets, phones, and customized Android operating system, MIUI. There is a tangle of patent issues that Xiaomi would have to overcome to sell mobile devices in the U.S.(Chinese phone maker enters U.S. market with bunnies,by CNN.)

Like many Chinese companies going abroad, Xiaomi’s goal is much more than being a winner of Chinese market. How to make products popular in every country it setting foot in is the major problem need to be solved, and the key to success is innovation and patent.
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