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Apple hit with low power mode patent lawsuit

Post Time:2019-07-04 Source:IPPro Magazine Author: Views:

Apple has been sued by LBT IP, which claims the technology company infringed four US patents related to sustaining the battery life of electronic devices.

According to the filing, which was filed in the US District Court for the District of Delaware, the claims of the asserted patents offer “improvements in battery conservation of portable electronic devices”.

The technology is used in LBT’s PocketFinder GPS devices. LBT argued the patents “improve battery life through systems and methods that monitor various signals and inputs received by the portable electronic device and using those signals and inputs to control battery consumption”.

LBT claims that battery conservation has become a critical aspect of portable electronic devices, “with many consumers rating it as a high priority in purchasing decisions”.

LBT is seeking an order permanently enjoining Apple and restraining it from further infringement, an order that Apple must pay an ongoing royalty for continuing infringement, and increased damages.

This lawsuit comes following another lawsuit against Apple filed in the same district court alleging it infringed a patent covering a universal keyboard.