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Italian Isolcell wins patent dispute case in Yantai

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On September 8, Italian Isolcell P. Iva, a manufacture of storage control system, sent a letter to the Yantai Intellectual Property Office, expressing their thanks to the Yantai IPO for the protection of its patent right in a patent dispute case.

In 2002, Isolcell filed an application for patent in China to protect its oxygen scrubbers – equipment that control and generate the desired storage atmosphere. In August 2005, the Chinese distributor of Isolcell found that Qixia Green Island Fruit and Vegetable Co. Ltd. purchased and used T-150 oxygen scrubbers manufactured by Tianjin Jiesheng Technology Co. Ltd. The structure of T-150 oxygen scrubber and its air processing method for controlled atmosphere store fell into the scope of Isolcell's patent.

In January 2007, Isolcell filed, to the Yantai IPO, a request for settlement of the patent dispute and provided related evidence. It requested that Yantai Green Island stop using the infringing products or methods.

From January to July, the Yantai IPO investigated into the case and collected the evidence. On July 30, the Yantai IPO established that Yantai Green Island has constituted patent infringement by using the infringing products and processing methods. The Yantai IPO made an administrative decision, in which the infringer was ordered to immediately stop using T-150 oxygen scrubbers, to seal up the infringing oxygen scrubbers, and to pay for the cost of the administrative handling.
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