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Shoes designer accused LV of trademark infringement

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According to American media,the new generation shoes designer Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) accused well-known brand LV(Louis Vuitton)of trademark infringement.He said LV subsidiary LVL XIII shoes brand trademark infringement. 
American designer Antonio brown filed a lawsuit in lacal court in February 2014.He accused LVMH company  in Road Shoes series of using a metal brand name on the top of the shoe design.This special creativity was already approved for the product identification in 2013 .Antonio brown said that the behavior of  Louis Vuitton will cause bad influence ,customers will think he is the plagiarists. 

Louis Vuitton has made a statement about this event,director responsible individual said that this case had no meaning and LV will protect itself.However, it's not Louis vuitton involved in "plagiarism door" event for the first time.(Chinses version:The univesal web)