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Beijing Launches E-town Entrepreneurship Week

Post Time:2015-10-27 Source:China Daily Author: Views:
The cheers of 1,800 elites marked the beginning of entrepreneurship week in the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, also known as E-town, on October 19.

The week was part of a national campaign led by the Development and Reform Commission. Similar events will be carried out across China. The campaign aims to publicize national policy and boost innovation. The week will feature project signings, exhibitions, entrepreneurship competitions, forums and road shows.

The information forum, entrepreneurship competition and business matchmaking will be held across E-town, including the biological medical park, during the week.

Sideline activities will focus on innovation, integrating industry, innovation and business development.

Robot becomes a highlight

This year E-town focused on integrated circuits, new displays, and intelligent manufacturing. It is developing an innovation center for five major industries, and seeks to build a zone for Made-in-China 2025. The town's intelligent robot park (Beiren Group) is an important part of the zone.

The zone actively used Beiren’s senior engineers and professional equipment to develop a robotics incubator. Robot designers propose designs to the incubation facility, which are tested by senior engineers and professional equipment, shortening the time and costs of production. The robot park will become a global center for robot research, design and assembly, as well as exhibition, exchange and trade. It will also host the World Robot Conference.

O2O innovation platform for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

E-town is developing a public service platform for scientific innovation. It aims to develop a new model for internet and business services.

The public service platform will serve middle and small-sized enterprises and boost industry transformation. It will support one comprehensive service platform, eight business themes, two special aspects, and one communication plaza.

The public service platform has made great strides over the past year. E-town has offered office space to hundreds of service providers in financing, human resources, intellectual property, and incubation. It effectively integrated scientific resources in the region. Entrepreneurs can get all services for starting a new business.

An online version of the platform has been planned to make it easier to start up a business.

Innovation ecosphere

E-town is striving to build a research institute, patent pool, trading platform, and special industry park. It will also develop technology centers.