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双创示范基地 (shuāngchuàng shìfàn jīdì): Demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation

Post Time:2016-05-16 Source:China Daily Author: Views:
The General Office of the State Council recently approved 28 demonstration bases for mass entrepreneurship and innovation nationwide.

The 28 demonstration bases for mass entrepreneurship and innovation include 17 regional ones, such as Beijing Haidian district, four colleges and scientific research institutions, including Tsinghua University, and seven enterprises.

The document aims to develop these into high-level, distinctive demonstration bases for mass entrepreneurship and innovation and promote their successful experiences nationwide.

Six reform measures are being advanced to support these demonstration bases. They involve expanding the development space for the main market players, enhancing protection of intellectual property, accelerating transformation of their scientific and technological achievements, strengthening the support of finance and tax, promoting the flow of talent and improving collaborative innovation and sharing. These measures are meant to inspire institutional vitality and endogenous momentum and create desirable conditions for mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Related authorities will conduct inspections, and third party will be invited to evaluate these demonstration bases. The experiences accumulated in these demonstration bases will be promoted nationwide.