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India-Pakistan Basmati Dispute Dismissed by Delhi High Court

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In the ongoing Basmati rice intellectual property (IP) dispute between India and Pakistan, the Delhi High Court recently dismissed a 15-year-old suit against India's export of Basmati rice. The suit, filed by Trading Corporation of Pakistan Pvt. Ltd., Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan, and Basmati Growers Association, sought an injunction against the Indian government's notification allowing the export of "evolved" Basmati Rice under the mark "Super Basmati." The dismissal was based on non-prosecution from the plaintiff since 2020. The suit alleged passing off, dilution, and infringement of their transborder reputation.

The recent dismissal of the suit against India's export of Basmati rice is closely tied to the longstanding India-Pakistan Basmati Geographical Indication (GI) dispute. The plaintiffs were concerned about the Indian government's notification on May 24, 2006, which declared "Super Basmati" as an approved evolved Basmati rice under the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963, for export. This notification was a key element of contention in the legal dispute.