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Google and Apple Face Lawsuits Alleging Patent Infringement in Mobile Payment Applications

Post Time:2023-09-21 Source:opp.today Author:Allan Ellis Views:

Google and Apple have recently been hit with lawsuits, claiming that their mobile payment applications and technologies violate the patents of a service provider. The allegations were madeDH International Ltd. in separate lawsuits filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas.

Both Google and Apple have developed digital wallet applications, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, that enable users to connect their credit and debit cards to their mobile phones and make payments without the need for physical cards. DH International claims that these technologies infringe on their patents, specifically US Patent Nos. 7,628,333 and 9,022,294.

The patents in question relate to technology that facilitates the connection of a portable electronic device to an external data exchange. This technology is crucial for the functioning of mobile payment applications, as it enables the secure transfer of payment information between the user’s device and the payment processor.

As the lawsuits proceed, it will be interesting to see how Google and Apple respond to the allegations of patent infringement. This is not the first time that major technology companies have faced such claims, as the mobile payment industry becomes increasingly competitive and patents become a valuable asset for stakeholders.

It is worth noting that patent infringement lawsuits are not uncommon in the technology sector. Companies often rely on patents to protect their innovations and intellectual property from competitors. However, determining the validity of such claims can be a complex process, requiring in-depth analysis of the patents in question and the technologies involved.