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How to transcend document on e-application platform?

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Register electronic application user → download and install the client side → download digital certificate → prepare application or additional documents → identify with electronic signature → submit and receive receipt → download notifications in time

The scope of new application concerning electronic application:

·Invention, Utility Model, Design;

·International Patent Application Entering the National Phase and international Utility Model Application

What should be done in case of loss or revocation of digital certificate?

Apply for a new certificate → Update the site settings in time

Things to be noted:

·Only three file formats are accepted by the client-side:XML, Word and PDF. And all referenced images in XML documents shall be in format of JPG or TIF;

·The size of picture or photo of design shall be no big than 150mm × 220mm, others shall be no big than 165mm × 245mm; and all pictures or photos are required 72-300 DPI resolution;

·The time limit of notification starts from the date of issuance, not the date of download.