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Who have the authority of submission?

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Who have the authority of submission?

·Single applicant without appointing a patent agency → The applicant;

Two or more applicants without appointing a patent agency → The representative;

One or more applicants with a patent agency appointed →  The appointed agency.

The meaning of submission authority control

Only the authorizer is permitted to submit relative documents regarding the formalities that need to be handled by applicants or patent agencies. Documents submitted by non-authorized party will be rejected when submission.

 Formalities with unrestricted submission permission:

· Request for restoration of right;

· Request for Refund;

· Request for Suspension;

· Statement of opinion submitted by the publio;

· Request for Invalidation;

· Request for Evaluation Report of Patent;

· Request for Search Report of Utility Model Patent


Circumstances of changes in authorizer:

· Change of applicant or patentee;

· Appointment or change of patent agency;

· Dissolution or resignation of appointment;

· Patent agency deemed not to have been appointed;

· Change in the representative and no patent agency appointed.

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