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What protection does a trade secret provide?

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A. By definition trade secret information is non-public. And so, reasonable measures must be taken to maintain secrecy.
B. That is why you will see security at plants, labs and office sites.
   (1)  Gate Guard
   (2)  ID Card Scanners
   (3)  Locked Doors
   (4)  Locked Files/Cabinets
C. Documents and manuals may be marked as…
   (1)  Confidencial
   (2)  Proprietary
   (3)  Company Use Only
D. Confidentiality and License Agreements
   (1) Contain Secrecy Provisions that define confidentiality obligations pertaining to materials, data, samples and other information exchanged by the parties to the agreement.
   (2) Use Restrictions that define and limit the use of the materials, data, samples and other information exchanged to the purpose defined in agreement.
E. Employment agreements
   Where consistent with National Law
F. Enforcement against misappropriation/theft
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