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Zhejiang: Two famous trademarks obtained loans of 120 million yuan

Post Time:2015-06-29 Source:IPR in China Author: Views:
Two notable trademarks of enterprises in Nanxun District, Huzhou City, recently have successfully acquired bank loans of 120 million yuan, showing that intellectual property rights could be effectively transformed from intangible assets to tangible properties.

As of now, the district has held a total of 4,801 registered trademarks, in which the identified well-known trademarks at national, provincial and municipal levels amounted to 7, 50 and 129 respectively. Those intangible assets have helped local enterprises obtain a total of 240 million yuan financing.

Given the deficiencies of trademark-pledged financing systems, local authorities continue to exert efforts in stimulating entities to register their marks and formulating incentive policies.