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Consumer Products Expo: Chinese Elements Send Fresh Vibe to the World

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With April breeze clearing the southern sky, Haikou, Hainan hosted the 3rd China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE), presenting more than 3,000 consumer brands from 65 countries and regions, not a small number of which were in for the third consecutive year. Armed with their geographical indications (GIs), intangible cultural heritage (ICH) craftmanship and celebrated local brands, exhibitors from across the nation also had their products shown to the world there in a hope to vault their business into the global market.

Blessed with a vast territory and a bonanza of natural offerings, China is in no shortage of GI resources. Following the development of the GI sector in the nation, groups and groups of presents from the field are placed on dinner tables across the world, extending their presence to more places.

Known for its sweetness and crispness, Lanzhou Lily carries dual certificates in GI certification mark and GI product protection and was selected into the second group of products list under a China-European Union (EU) GI protection and cooperation agreement. Lv Feibin, an executive with Gansu Shuangkouyuan Eco-tech Company said that his company has upgraded its assembly line to pulse with the ever-changing consumer cohorts and their spending patterns. At this Expo, the company showcased their latest products like lily cookies – a type of airline food, lily powder – distributed by direct sale on streaming platforms, dried lily crisps – a type of premade food.

As the CN-EU GI mutual recognition program picks up its pace, an increasing number of European treasure products are looked at and imported into China. Consequently, Chinese and European firms are working with each other more frequently and bringing profits to one another. At the Expo, China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC) and Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development of European Commission jointly rented a hall reserved for Chinese and European GI products. Pan Feng, a CEATEC vice director of board added that China and France have already announced the installment of a rapid coordination mechanism administering the full process of the "from French farms to Chinese dinner tables" program, which will surely be boosted by the China-EU GI cooperation program.

China has a long history under which profound culture thrives. Chinese ICHs may use international expositions to become popular. In the new journey of fully resurrecting rural areas, one end ties to domestic and international markets while the other end connects farmers' need for a better life.

In Ningxia Hall, a wide array of carpets dazzled vistors. The relevant Ningxia Handmade Carpet Weaving Technique is a national ICH representative project. According to Yuan Hongying, a manager with Zhongwei City Tan Sheep Carpet Company, carpet makers are mostly local farm ladies from Zhongwei, who do the work mostly between farming seasons after proper training. It takes them four days to weave a 50-centimeter by 50-centimeter carpet, which can put 300 yuan in their pockets. The ICH product not only sells well in China, but sees orders from Nepal, Bhutan and other countries piling up. "I wish more people in the world realize there is such an ICH handicraft made by farmers, and prop up income for them."

Relying on original style embedded with the latest fashion code and increasingly reliable product quality, Chinese brands are more popular than ever. More potential buyers are willing to talk for possible partnerships at the Expo. In Hubei Hall, a rugged-looking electric SUV was bombarded by selfie seekers. The all-new luxury electric SUV had hauled in 800+ orders nationwide even before its official launch. The green exhibits from Taishan Sports gave a refreshing feel to the visitors. Its negative-oxygen-ion-emitting, 100% degradable and recyclable artificial grass is very friendly to the environment, an obvious example of Chinese brands' efforts in looking for their own sustainable development path under the nation's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and working toward China's solutions.

The Expo has given proven Chinese traditional cultural products and GI products a platform to advertise and a brand-new perspective to look into the trend of Chinese brand development. We are convinced more quality Chinese consumer products will take on the world stage and share China's big market opportunity with the world.