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Li Keqiang called for more freedom for creators

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Global Research Council convened its annual meeting in Beijing this year with the subject of "Open access to scientific knowledge and cultivation of young talents", which, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said, caters to the current situation and development trend. “Without free information exchanges across the world, significant accomplishments would not have been achieved in science sector, while without competent young generation, science would have no bright future,” said Li Keqiang when he addressed the opening ceremony of the meeting at the Great Hall of People on May 27th.

Li said the current advancement and future development in science greatly depend on combined efforts exerted by the whole world and closely relate to the emancipation of mind. Knowledge is the common tool which could develop a more open platform where everyone could share their experiences and lessons. Governments should take initiatives to widely promote the distribution of knowledge so as to maximize the value of it. China is willing to further expand international exchange and cooperation in science and technology, encourage global flow of knowledge, technology and talents, support the establishment of open access mechanism funded by public funds on knowledge and promote the common development of both China and the world in science.

Li pointed out that the openness of science involves issues on intellectual property protection, which would run parallel and promote each other. Protecting intellectual property rights is in fact to protect innovations which in return endows science and technology with more exuberant vitality. The development of China needs thousands of innovative persons and creative enterprises. China is committed to create a favorable legal environment, where intellectual property could be better protected in scientific openness and creators would gain deserved honor and return.

Li highlighted that a new generation of talents will create a new situation because young people have dreams and enthusiasms and many of significant findings in science come from young talents. Based on the knowledge developed by predecessors, younger generation would create more inventions and achieve a real breakthrough.

Li said that a new round of revolution of science and technology is on the way and many subversive technologies continue to emerge. People look to technological innovations which could turn into powerful force to drive global economic recovery and growth.

China is in a development period with hard-won strategic opportunities as well as a series of major structural problems. Basic and applied research should be paid equal attention and scientific and technological achievements should be transferred into practical productive forces in a bid to develop new products, services and jobs. In order to provide creators with more freedom and respect, administrative mechanisms on scientific and technological investment should be constantly improved, meanwhile the mechanisms on achievement disposal and systems on income management should be duly reformed. [Chinese version is available on edu.dahe.cn]
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