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Build a Chinese Coffee Dream

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"As the representative of China's coffee brand, Hogood coffee attended the exhibition in Palace of Nations in Geneva and changed the UN officers' impression of 'no coffee in China', and China's coffee got recognition from them." Xiong Xiangru, the president of Yunnan Dehong Hogood Coffee, Co. Ltd.( heresfter as Hogood Coffee) told the reporter, "Hogood Coffee will tell the world that China has good coffee. That's my dream."

Xiong Xiangru said, in the exhibition in Geneva, they showed the coffee beans, instant powder, instant coffee, including a total of more than 40 single items. "We met crowds of officials and media reporters from more than 100 countries and regions in the world. And after tasting coffee, they all felt surprised to see such good coffee from China." Xiong Xiangru said with proud.

As the main producing areas of Chinese coffee, Yunnan coffee accounts for 99% of coffee production in China and 1% of the world's coffee production. Since 2008, the coffee industry in Yunnan including Hogood coffee entered into intensive processing era. After 30 years of insistence, Hogood Coffee started from 6 Mu land, and become the leading enterprise of China's domestic coffee industry, and has been identified as the only enterprise with its own well-known trademarks. Currently, Hogood Coffee has 200,000 acres of coffee raw materials base and deep processing product line with capability of producing 13,000 tons of instant powder.

"With 30 years of unremitting efforts, we finally realized the original dream, but compared with international coffee giant and international brands, Hogood Coffee has a long way to go. We'll take more efforts on coffee planting, product processing and brand building to shorten the gap with international brands." Xiong Xiangru said frankly.
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