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Apple Applies for Pineapple Trademark

Post Time:2023-08-23 Source:channelnews.com Author:Ashley Riorda Views:

Apple have officially filed for multiple “PINEAPPLE” trademarks, which are currently “under application,” and span categories including scientific instruments, advertising, and building repair.

The company has a track record with fruit related trademarks, having launched 215 trademark opposition application during recent years, overtaking the combined total of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta (136 cases).

Out of the oppositions initiated by Apple, 17% resulted in withdrawals from opposing parties, and over half received no reaction.


These fruit related trademarking efforts have come controversy, including involvement from opposition Frankie Pineapple, thanks to her stage name’s English suffix “apple.” The incident underscored Apple’s prudent stance on anything infringing its brand name.

The Apple logo seems insufficient for the company’s objectives, having pursued a fruit trademark in Switzerland in 2017, targeting the depiction of a Granny Smith apple rather than the bitten logo.

Swiss fruit company, Fruit Union Suisse, as a consequence, faced the possibility of logo alteration, with the director voicing concerns, and emphasising the universal nature of the apple symbol and the right for all to use it.

Apple’s new “PINEAPPLE” trademark is the latest chapter in it’s fruit-based branding. Due to previous endeavors sparking debate, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds.