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A Smartwatch Maker Paid Huawei 0.29 Million USD In Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

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Huawei is going through a new trademark infringement conflict these days. As per the reports, a Chinese smartwatch maker – Putian Doumao firm has tried of using the Huawei logo and its name with some smartwatches to sell them in its store due to which the legal lawsuits have ordered the company to compensate 2 million yuan (0.29 million USD) as the economic loss.

Putian Doumao technology is a well-known smart products supplier in China. However, it has used the term Huawei in an illegal way to sell its devices. After receiving many complaints from the customers about the wearables, the Chinese manufacturer began its investigation.

It came to knowledge that the products such as smartwatches, bracelets, and more sold in Doumao's online store had the tagline "Applicable to Huawei mobile phones". Since the actual brand was not Huawei, these devices were not able to connect to Huawei smartphones.

Moreover, such type of behavior without the legal statement of the company considers a false promotion. Further, the defendant begins arguing that such terms in the product title mean that it is suitable for those particular devices.

Although Huawei has a different perspective on this statement and says that the Doumao firm has caused a big economic loss to the company. Due to the selling concept of Doumao, the consumers became confused and misunderstood the devices.

Here is what Huawei said on the behalf of the official trademark usage:

"The evaluation can reflect that some consumers have been confused and misunderstood. Therefore, the defendant's defense that the word "Huawei" uses in a descriptive manner cannot establish, and its behavior constitutes trademark infringement. In addition, the defendant's use of "official website money" and "official upgrade money" in the product introduction constitutes unfair competition that constitutes false propaganda."

Hence, the court has commanded the defendant to compensate for the loss of Huawei as soon as possible.