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China issues reminder to Avanci, warning antitrust risks related to its Patent Pool

Post Time:2024-07-01 Source:China IP Author: Views:

On June 27, Head of the First Antitrust Bureau of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), China’s competition regulatory authority, met with relevant executives from the Avanci patent pool to deliver an "Antitrust Warning Letter", warning Avanci of the antitrust risks associated with licensing essential wireless communication patents in the automotive sector. Avanci was urged to conduct thorough risk assessments and take effective measures to prevent and address these issues in compliance with the "Anti-Monopoly Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant regulations. Additionally, Avanci was required to strengthen its antitrust compliance and prevent and stop monopolistic practices to maintain a fair competitive market order and promote the healthy and regulated development of the industry.

In response, Avanci stated, "We are pleased to have had the opportunity for positive communication with SAMR, discussing the licensing solutions Avanci provides to Chinese automakers. Similar to antitrust regulatory bodies in other countries and regions, SAMR has provided valuable guidance for our licensing programs. We greatly appreciate the opportunity given by SAMR. We will continue to comply with antitrust laws and regulations in China and other jurisdictions worldwide."

"As an independent global patent licensing solution provider, we offer an option for obtaining patent licenses, helping Chinese enterprises enhance their global competitiveness, supporting Chinese patent holders in promoting their patented technologies globally, and fostering fair competition with global peers. Avanci facilitates Chinese automakers in obtaining necessary patents for vehicle cellular connectivity and supports the recognition and compensation of thousands of innovative inventors worldwide. We look forward to continuing our dialogue and discussions with Chinese automakers," Avanci added.