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Chief Lawyer Xu Xinming


Bachelor of Science in Biology, LLM, Chief Lawyer of China Intellectual Prpperty Lawyers Net,  Reseacher of the Center for Intellectual Property Rights Studies at China University of Political Science and Law, Member of the Patent Law Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association, Senior Partner at Beijing Ming Tai Law Firm , Director of Intellectual Property Department. Lawyer Xu has long been engaged in Intellectual Property practice and theoretical research. Lawyer Xu has unique perspectives on many hot issues and difficult disputes in the field of intellectual property at home and abroad, having considerable influence in the field of intellectual property. Lawyer Xu has been interviewed by dozens of medias at home and abroad as follows:Xinhua News Agency, China Daily,China News Service,Hong Kong’s Wen Wei,Chinese Economic Review,The Straits Times,Global Times,World Trademark Review,Beijing Today,Goldman Sachs,Financial Times,Legal daily,Financial Magazine,First Financial Daily,Phoenix weekly,The Time Weekly,Guangming daily,China Trade News,China Enterprise News,CIEN,National Business Daily,International Business Daily,International Financial News,Securities daily,Science Times,Media & Entertainment Industry Reporter,Labor trade News,Beijing Morning Post,Beijing Evening News,Competing Newspaper,Yangcheng Evening News, Economic Herald,Workers daily,Nanfang Metropolis Daily,21st Century Business Herald,The Beijing News,South China Morning Post,People's network,Justice Net,SOHU,NetEase,The Paper,Sixth Tone,China National Radio,China Radio International,BTV,Radio Beijing,Spanish National Radio,Grupo Televisa,France 24-hour News TV,Singapore’s National TV,The Associated Press,BBC,Bloomberg……                         

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Lawyer’s License No.:11101200110292941
Telephone: +86-10-52852558
Email: ciplawyer@163.com
Chinese Website://www.ciplawyer.cn
Address:Beijing Times Law Firm, Room 1501-02,15th Floor, Tower E1, Oriental Plaza, No.1, East Chang'an Ave., DongCheng District, Beijing, China.

Professional Ability

Good Eloquence and Profound Knowledge in Writing.  During his study at Biological Engineering Department in Henan University, Xinming Xu took the courses of literature in his spare time, majoring in Chinese and Foreign Literature, which made him now an eloquent lawyer with profound knowledge in writing.

Multi-level Knowledge System.  Xinming Xu began his study at law in the Postgraduate School of China University of Political Science and Law in 1996 and became a lawyer in 1999.  Over the past decade, Xinming Xu, taking Civil Law and Commercial Law as its cornerstone, intellectual property law, contract law, company law and law on real estate as its pillar, has established a rational and perfect multi-level knowledge system. Lawyer Xu is dedicated to becoming an excellent lawyer who can provide first-class legal service to his clients.

Good Reasoning Capacity and Unique Visual Angle.  Lawyer Xu has a good capacity of reasoning and thinking in practice. Facing numerous and complicated negotiations and cases which keep on changing all the time, Lawyer Xu may grasp exactly the essences of legal relationship below its surface appearances and analyze them clearly with a unique visual angle on a certain height. Change appears, respond immediately. That’s why Lawyer Xu can always win the cases in practice. 

Noble Morality and Good Faith.   Placing morality at the forefront and taking good faith as his life, Lawyer Xu always make efforts to protect legal rights and interests of his clients in accordance with law. With all these fine characters, Lawyer Xu will never let his clients down.